21 June 2019, Friday | 12:34am

Habib Jewels made a boo-boo, mistakenly displays photo of Elfira with Sufian


KUALA LUMPUR: The marriage of actress Elfira Loy and Faris Khairol Anuar, both 24, last Jan 1 has been greeted with congratulatory messages by fans, friends and even major companies.

Habib Jewels is no exception, but unfortunately, the company gave fans of the Rentap star a shock today by accidentally uploading a photo of her 2017 engagement to singer Sufian Suhaimi.

Luckily, the caption for the photo which Habib posted on its Facebook page stated that Elfira got married to Faris.

It read: “Habib looks back at Elfira Loy on her engagement day, Sept 2, 2018. Congratulations to Elfira and Faris who were married on Jan 1, 2019.”

The wrong photo which Habib Jewels posted on Facebook

The company quickly realised its mistake, and promptly made an apology with a statement on its Facebook page which read: “We uploaded the wrong picture to congratulate one of our beloved local artistes who recently got married.

“It was a mistake on the part of our social media team and we sincerely apologise to the artiste, her husband and her fans for the error and wish the loving couple a happy marriage.”

Elfira was engaged to Sufian in October 2017 at her family home in Cheras. They were supposed to get married in March 2018.

However, her mother Filzah Yusoff said in February last year that the engagement had been called off.

Shortly after Elfira and Faris tied the knot, Sufian, 26, sent his best wishes to the couple.




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