21 March 2019, Thursday | 07:03pm

Gigantic wave clouds in Sabah caught the eyes of many and making big waves on social media


Pix courtesy of reader

BEAUFORT: Massive wave-like cloud formation sweeping across several districts in Sabah's west coast this morning, has caused frenzy among residents in the areas.

The rare cloud formation was noticed between 7am and 7.30am during the overcast weather prior to a heavy downpour.

Pictures of the huge cloud formation went viral on social media, particularly on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp applications.

Pix courtesy of NST reader

The cloud formation, however, was not an uncommon sight especially during wet weather, according to Sabah Meteorological Department.

Its director Azmi Daud said the wave-like cloud formation was known as Borneo storm line or thunderstorm.

"It formed in waters and coastal areas early in the morning due to winds blowing from the sea, causing the clouds to be rolled up like waves.

“It can also occur when the southwest wind blows towards the mainland,” Azmi said, adding that the department believed the weather would return to normal in the evening.

Pix courtesy of NST reader

A 37-year-old teacher Jamal Djupri, 37, said he noticed the clouds at 7.10am when he was at the school field along with 25 students.

“This is not the first time I have seen such (cloud) phenomenon because it has occurred before in 2016 and last year.

“At the time, the weather was cloudy and windy. However, the formation only lasted about five minutes.” said the physical education teacher.


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