16 July 2018, Monday | 10:54am

Fuel-ing the spirit of unity this Merdeka


What is the one thing on television that Malaysians can always agree on watching together? If you guessed sports, you’ve got it right. Nothing bands a group of random strangers more in your friendly neighbourhood Mamak than a good game of sports, even if only for the duration of the game. More so if the game is on an international level, the camaraderie in the air is sure hard to miss.

PETRONAS just released a teaser for their advertisement in view of the coming Merdeka celebration, which pays a brief homage to the game that Malaysia is known to excel in and gained international recognition for – badminton.  It featured snippets on a good old badminton game between 2 children and 2 adults (you have to watch it to find out who they are!), but don’t be fooled by the homely façade of the court surroundings and the young children as the competition is definitely on. 

The build up to the video’s continuation is symbolic of the excitement in the community for the upcoming Kuala Lumpur SEA Games 2017 event, with hopes of Malaysia going for gold in the sport. The full video is scheduled for a release on 16th August 2017 and we can’t wait!

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