20 January 2019, Sunday | 11:53am

A Long Way Home- a message of love,forgiveness and reconciliation


Grab your tissues because Petronas has just released a web film and TV commercial in the spirit of the upcoming Chinese New Year. And the 4-minute ad will definitely move you to tears with its message of love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

The short film tells the story of Seong and his father’s journey back home for the Lunar New Year. What was supposed to be a joyous trip, soon turned disastrous as the duo found themselves in a bitter argument.

However, as soon as our young protagonist realised his slip up, it was already too late. Guilt ridden, he soon found himself greeted with flashbacks from his childhood.

We all have been there. Where our tempers got the better of us and we find ourselves in an awkward spot regretting what we said. As the famous American author, Dale Carnegie said “The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it”.

Although it can’t be avoided that egos may clash sometimes, especially between parents and children. It’s important to remember that our differences should not be a barrier in our relationships but instead we should focus our energy working on the similarities that we share.

Like every other year Petronas festive films has done it again. It has managed to make us pause and re-evaluate ourselves. Short films such as this serves as a good reminder that no matter your age, you’re still your parents’ child. While we’re all busy growing up it’s easy to forget that our parents grow old as well, so it’s important to cherish them while they are still with us.

The web film is now available on Petronas’s official website www.petronasofficial.com and the 30 second ads has already started airing from the 10th of February and will continue until the 18th of February.

Written by: Liyana, Z

Image Source: PETRONAS OFFICIAL/http://bit.ly/2EmjtYE

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