11 December 2018, Tuesday | 10:49pm

5 ways to survive a journey at the airport


You’re all set for your trip but wait, there’s still the airport you need to go through. Contrary to popular beliefs your airport experience does not have to be boring. And if you’re flying from KLIA’s second terminal klia2, you definitely won’t be bored.

Recently local vloggers such as Sean Lje, Hasif Hamsyari, Arlina Arshad, and Baby Akiyo shared some tips on how passengers could spend their time enjoyably at klia2.

1. Navigating your way

You have arrived at the airport but the vast complex of klia2 confuses you and suddenly you find yourself lost. Don’t worry if you’re lost, go on and have a chat with the Airport Care Ambassadors. They will guide you on where you should go.

2.  Checking In

Now that you have found your way around the airport make your way to the check-in counters or bag drop facilities. You can easily check in yourself using the many check-in kiosks located around the terminal.

3. Dining Experience

So now you got your boarding passes and you’ve check in your bags. What’s next? How about grabbing a bite? You can choose to grab a bite at the departure hall or you can enjoy your meals at the respective international and domestic departures. With the myriad options available at klia2, the choice is in your hands!

4. Buggy Service and Walkalators

This next tip is valuable to those of you who are travelling with small children, the elderly or the physically disabled. You don’t have to be concerned about the walk to departures as klia2 provides free buggy services for your perusal. Just wait at the designated area or hail one when you see it. If you don’t feel like catching the buggy ride, you can use the walkalators. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the airside as you take the walkalators on the Skybridge.

 5. Lounge

The inevitable has happened and your flight has been delayed. Now suddenly you have a bit of too much time on your hands. Don’t worry, here are some things that you could do to pass time. You can head on to the Movie Lounge and enjoy the latest movies or if you’re looking out for a bit more action you can hang out at the sports lounge to catch the latest sporting events. And if you’re willing to spend a bit of money you can enjoy the many facilities and dine at the Sama- Sama Express Lounge.

So, the next time you find yourself heading to klia2 remember to come early, and make the most of your time there.


Contributor: Liyana .Z.

Image Courtesy: Apple101/http://bit.ly/2AQ5yU1

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