19 April 2019, Friday | 03:36am

4,000-year-old stone tablets depicting God Atum who flooded the Nile discovered in Egypt


Stone tablets dating back up to 4,000 years have been discovered by archaeologists in Cairo.

The tablets, which were discovered by researchers from the University of Leipzig, are made of limestone and vary in age.

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The oldest is believed to be from the 12th Dynasty, while others are from the 20th Dynasty, the Third Intermediate Period, or more recent.

In particular, the researchers were excited to find one inscription depicting God Atum, an important deity.

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Atum, also known as the 'great he-she' was the solar creator god of ancient Egypt.

a group of people walking down a dirt road© Credits: Antiquities Ministry

The inscription claims that it was God Atum who was responsible for flooding the river Nile in the late Period, from 664-332BC.

Archaeologists from the Antiquities Ministry hope the discovery will attract more visitors to the area. 



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